Female Escorts

The Career of a Female Escort

Escorts have a weird life that consists of many ups and downs along the course of their journey. Although there are not many differences between male and female escorts, specific instances can be classified as a big difference. So, here we are going to tell you in detail about the life of a female escort.
Social Acceptance
This goes without saying, as both male and female escorts seem to be facing this problem. People in various countries around the world look at escorts differently, as they do not gain much social acceptance. The members of the society will look into your occupation even before they start to have a regular conversation with you. So such instances opens the door for awkward moments at public gatherings and places, as people will have adequate knowledge about you.
Money and Fame

Again a common phenomenon to the escort industry. Money is something which keeps coming your way, in case you choose this profession. The amount of money that you will make in an hour cannot be made through other careers, as you turn rich in a short span of time. And when it comes to fame, you will be enjoying a good amount of that, as trusted clients will always rely on you for their needs and requirements.
Physical Qualities
The process of satisfying a woman is not an easy task, as they need to get value for the money that they are going to invest in you. Such situations require you to have the best physique that provides you with adequate stamina to keep going regardless of the situation. So hitting the gym cannot be avoided at all costs. Since women and men find escorts with a better physique to be more appealing, there will be a ton of money which is going to be spent on your health.
Achievements and Reality

There are various stories of escorts who have come from nothing and have received everything in life. But your actual talent and achievements will never get credited, as society does not look into all that. As part of social acceptance, people tend to ignore your struggles and the fact that you have another job and lead a successful life apart from escorting. Such terms and conditions will not blend well with them, and your reality will rather be disappointing. Although the process of legislation has brought about changes, certain matters remain the same.
As mentioned earlier, there are certain aspects that differentiate the work of a male and female escort. Agencies that hire female escorts usually ask for a joining or monthly fee, whereas no such demands will be posted to a female escort. Such factors bring about an environment that creates an imbalance between male and female escorts.